Apple Samples | Introduction

We are proud to present Apple Samples Blog, new source of news and tutorials for Apple Logic Pro users as well as all modern Digital Audio Workstations. We are truly committed to making proper high quality articles which will be informative, helpful for music producers of all experience levels.

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We divided categories into crucial parts for your comfort:

  1. News: All the important information coming from artists, technology world, if a piece of gear is very important we will make a review.
  2. Tutorials: The best possible persona in the community featuring best DJ’s and music producers, are talking about Logic Pro and other Digital Audio Workstation, about the work flow, practice routines, mixes and a lot more.
  3. Guide: Complete guidelines how to be more efficient, how to make your work with DAW a lot faster and fruitful, most common mistakes and way to improve.

Hopefully you will find information at Apple Samples reliable, suitable for your career and work in music industry, music producing.