Six reasons to buy legal software

Music software piracy. Why should I buy full versions?

“FL Studio serial”. If you type such phrase in Google search page, you get about 1,5 million results. Many of them of course are scam websites, but still the number is impressive.

In this article I’d like to tell you about why software piracy is wrong. For some of you I discover America right now, but there are things that just have to be told. As for today it will be six of them.

1. Make sure someone will get paid for his work

You have probably signed at least one petition to the China government to stop the exploitation of people in factories there. The same goes to coffee plantations in Ecuador or banana plantations in Costa Rica. So why would you not pay for work of several coders and developers who work hard for your music production software to work effectively?

2. The prices are not that high

If you go to the cinema you pay for the ticket. If you don’t have enough money, you don’t go to the cinema. If you go out on Friday night you do not mind spending dollars or euros for beer and pizza. Well, it is not wrong. But if you really want to make music then why not sacrifice two weekends (just two!) to save enough money for the license?

Most of music making software has its light, free version (mostly called LITE) included to the music making equipment (like micorphones, voice recorders, soundcards etc.). Apple users hace even their own Garage Band for free along with OS. The prgram can handle all the Apple loops very well.

3. Get instant support

All of us have problems with our computers and software. Especially in the beginning. Save your time spent on search engines trying to find why there is no sound in FL Studio. Legal license allows you to make call to the specialist who will tell you step by step how to fix everything in 5 minutes!

4. Keep Troyans and malware away

Malicious software such as viruses, troyans, rootkits and so on can be pretty nasty. Not only they change your search engines (which alone can be dangerous) but also exploit your computer resources. They are used often by hackers to send spam. This may take your computer address to several Internet blacklist and your IP will be blocked in many useful websites such as support forums.

There is another threat. Malware can steal your ID (email name, password, home address, credit card number, etc) and send to someone who will buy a car or holidays in Indonesia for your money.

Now be aware that most of such things come with serial number generators and software cracks. Hackers are not Robin Hood who steal from rich and give away to the poor. They try to steal from both groups.

5. You would not like to get your music work stolen, don’t you?

Imagine that you have been working for a month to complete something that you are proud of. And after all that work someone stole the results from you and your boss fired you because he can’t pay for your work since he has been robbed too in the same time.

6. Someday you will like to get paid for your music

If so, it would be a kind of job for you. It is simply no right to use illegal resources to make something that will be a legal source of income. On only it is not fair but also you might get law problems. Every year there are tens of show-off lawsuit.

Now  go and spread the love, knowledge, fair play and… your music. It is most important. Share your music with your real friends, or facebook and soundcloud followers.