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Plugins Mania | VST’s for Logic Pro X | Tutorial 06

VST Plugins Searching ! Digital Audio Workstations give music producers the best workspace possible, it is comfortable, quick to work with, really responsive and efficient, Logic Pro X does stand out in these term tremendously, it has functions with speed up things even more and will make the workflow flawless. Mac users are really happy […]

Great Tips From F9: Logic Pro X | Tutorial 05

The Finest Tricks and Trips For Logic Pro Music Producers We got some information about an awesome tricks and tips for Logic Pro X you cannot walk past without promoting them, what we saw in the video unleashed the best advice for beginners and more experience users of this great digital audio workstation. From general […]

Logic Pro X Drums | Drummer | Tutorial 04

Hey guys another great video has been discovered by our specialists, this time we are showing you how to use great drum pluggins like Pro Logic Drummer a lightweight VST that will allow you to make great drum sections, rhythm section, the tutorial is really amazing, it shows all the key factors how to use […]

Instruments in Logic Pro X | Tutorial 03

Logic Pro X: Additions We are up and running to present you another great tutorial we found and want to promote, so let’s get on with it ! We all have experience with coming up with new music production tools which will help you with preparing new creative stuff, when it comes to beats, melodies, […]

A Mastering Lesson with Logic Pro X | Tutorial 02

  Today we talk about mastering in Apple Logic Pro X, it is a difficult task specially for beginner music producers. Best thing for all of you who make music at the start of your career want to ideas into great songs, beats, doesn’t matter. You want to concern yourself with blending sounds, synths, drums […]

Starting Your Journey in Logic Pro X | Tutorial 01

Logic Pro X: Getting Started Here is a great tutorial that will explain in detail How to get started with Logic Pro X from Apple. The Digital Audio Workstation might be really a struggle for beginners, but with this tutorial hopefully it will give you a head start with the software. Every possible question and […]

Apple Samples For Logic Pro X

Apple Samples | Introduction We are proud to present Apple Samples Blog, new source of news and tutorials for Apple Logic Pro users as well as all modern Digital Audio Workstations. We are truly committed to making proper high quality articles which will be informative, helpful for music producers of all experience levels. We divided […]